A Brief History of the
El Segundo Woman's Club

Colleen Ramsey spent many hours in 1997 and again in 2009 compiling a history of the El Segundo Woman's Club. Click here to download this fascinating account. 

May 31, 1922, El Segundo women met at the City Hall to hear the reading of the laws and regulations of which they would adopt. On June 7, 1922, they met again to sign the constitution and Bylaws. 

The club immediately began to take an interest in public affairs. Although the members discussed a city park, sewage disposal, a reception for teachers, Soldiers’ Bonds and a shelter to be erected by the railroad company at the train stop, their primary objective was the welfare of children.


On November 17, 1923, the Woman’s Civic and Improvement Club became the El Segundo Woman’s Club. Meetings were held in members’ homes and later at the local American Legion Hall. In time a lot at 541 Standard Street was purchased and later a building that had served as the first schoolhouse in El Segundo was purchased for one dollar. The building was moved onto the lot where the club house still stands.

In May of 1937 the Native Daughters of the Golden West placed a bronze plaque on the exterior of the building and designated the club house a California landmark.


The club is responsible for the lovely rose garden in Library Park. In 1997, in commemoration of 75 years, the club participated in the Chamber of Commerce Heritage Walk by purchasing a bench which was seen at the entrance to the Old Town Music Hall.





  • Initiated the white center lines on highways

  • Established 75% of America’s public libraries

  • Supported equal pay for equal work

  • Started an alcohol and drug abuse program

  • Worked for passage of the Pure Food & Drug Act

  • Supported the 48-hour hospital stay for new mothers



  • Proposed Legislation for the juvenile court

  • Placed the bells along El Camino Real

  • Brought about the California Youth Authority and the Juvenile Justice System

  • Instituted an AIDS Education Program

  • Supported the Motorcycle Helmet Law

  • Supported the 48-hour hospital stay for Mastectomy patients


El Segundo


Raised funds and volunteered hours to support:

  • The Education Foundation

  • The ESWC High School choir and Science club

  • Friends of the Library

  • The El Segundo K-9 fund

  • The El Segundo Police Hero’s Fund

  • The Trees to the Sea project

  • Catherine’s Friends

  • Support Our Troops Programs

  • And especially scholarships for graduating ESWC seniors


General Federation of Women’s Clubs

“Unity in Diversity”


CA Federation of Women’s Club

“Strength United is Stronger”




  • Community involvement

  • Opportunity to exchange ideas

  • Develop friendships

  • Legislative action

  • Leadership training

  • Membership in a respected organization

  • Advancement of culture

  • Civic betterment

  • Personal growth and development